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Fishing Report Posted: March 06, 2010

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Posted by Capt. Bob Hughley on March 06, 2010 at 09:40:02:

We this will be my last ice fishing report for this year. Walt will start making his personal catch reports for the spring until he leaves to go back to eastern Ohio in may. Then we'll give you a true fish location report and techniques for the rest of the season.
Yesterday, I was went out of Crane Creek for the last time this year, and I walked. There still was a few quads running as well as two airboats. For the ones who got to the 24' area, just past the last push did caught limits and there was another good bit in the afternoon.
Ice conditions still was 4-9 inches with weak spots throughout due to the current. In the afternoon the ice was getting mushy due to the sun. There is a ice shove warning out for the lake, posted by NOAA. If we get a south wind and warm temps, what's left will be history. I have already put up my equipment for the season and will start setting up one of the boats within a few weeks.
Remember the limit is now 4 and overbagging is being checked by the ODNR.
Open water between the islands and in the bay have shut down all activity. I also heard that the bays have very weak ice and a few have went through. Next move is the walleye runs in the Maumee and Sandusky rivers which should take place later this month based on rain and temps.
Remember boating season is just a few weeks away and the ice condition is very bad.
Good fishin
Capt Bob Hughey

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