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Fishing Report Posted: June 29, 2008

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Posted by Capt. Bob Hughley on June 29, 2008 at 19:29:32:

The fishing has increased over the last week with records of very nice walleye coming to the docks the be cleaned. The trollers have been catching good and quick catches east of Kelley’s island and just west of the island area in deep water. Short leads have been the trick for the good catches, but hang on the sheep head are in prime form for those lures.

The drifters have been doing very well around the sister area in deep water and further in towards the reef complex. Reports of catches being made in close to shore around the Port Clinton area. Just look for the head boats fishing in those areas. Also around the West reef area and the boarder cans in deep water have produced limits of walleyes. Further north in Canada very good catches have come across throughout the week. Remember, you are in a foreign country and it requires license and I-68’s. Kelley’s island area has produced some good catches, in fact on Sunday I boated two 28’s , 27, and three 26’s on one charter, the catch went over 150# for 30 fish, not bad and they were caught casting.
Remember the storms on the lake, this week has been bad and the forecast doesn’t look good for the upcoming season. Be careful and watch the southwest section of the lake. Also, remember to take a lot of bait out because of the other fish are on feed now.
We still have some prime dates open for July walleye season, this upcoming month should be a very good one, call us at 1-877-434-9711.
Good fishin,
Capt Bob Hughey

[ Lake Erie & Tributaries Fishing Report ]