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Fishing Report Posted: July 09, 2023

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on July 09, 2023 at 11:43:48:

Marching right along. Our summer Walleye fishing season off of the Port of Ashtabula is proceeding very nicely. Weíve since flipped yet another page on the calendar and have put another holiday in the rear view mirror as well. I guess you could say that we are now in the heart of our season. The period between the 4th of July and Labor Day weekend is considered by many to be the peak of the peak of our Walleye fishing season here in the Central Basin. Seemingly every Walleye in the lake has now ended up here in our back yard as they do every year. Everybody is limiting out rather easily . And if you are not, perhaps Golf is more of your forte! Lol!

Most anywhere you try it now off of Ashtabula there are plenty of Walleyes. Plenty of keepers and even more of the relentless onslaught of juvenile fish that seem to be getting worst and worst with each passing year. Iíve since given up on saying how next year is going to be the banner year with all these undersized fish becoming of legal size the next season. And Iím sure many do, but along comes next season and a even more massive swarm of the little buggers seem to show up just to make everyone's life even more trying. I know itís taken a lot of the fun out of it for me. Relentless sorting of fish from the first line in to the last line out right now. None stop work with many tangles to deal with caused directly because of these little nuisance fish. Of all the reasons that over the years I have given thought about maybe hanging it up, I never imagined that it would be because there are just too many Walleyes in the lake! Itís simply exhausting work and frankly Iím getting quite tired of dealing with it.

But for now, we battle on everyday and by days end after all of the sorting and cussing, weíve been handsomely rewarded with massively full fish boxes of ďgood onesĒ. Ashtabula will never disappoint. It may try to break your spirit at times but if you suck it up and work as hard as you can the Walleye fishing is still world class and always will be. And I promise you there is nowhere on Earth where you can catch such beautiful fish like we do on a everyday basis day in and day out like we do here in the summer months. Itís simply amazing! And as a bonus, our Steelhead Trout mixed in along with our Walleyes makes it a even more amazing fishery if that is even possible. There are many people that travel super far and spend big money in pursuit of these silver bullets and we catch them all the time incidentally fishing for the Walleyes without even giving them a second thought!

So thatís my bi weekly rant about all the dinky Walleyes that we have to cycle though each day nowadays. Iím still holding out hope that the problem eases some yet this summer but I just donít know if it will at this point. There are just sooooo many of them out there. At least, thatís not the only thing weíre catching out there. And another positive thing is that the weather for the most part has been behaving very nicely for a change! Some really great summer like days to work with! And that alone makes me very happy! As I look at the various forecasts available to me, it looks like the trend will continue for a good spell to come as well. Double woot woot! By the time I check back in again, July will be about shot leaving about 6 more weeks of the best of the best of our season. Like I said, things are marching along nicely...

Capt. Walt
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