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Fishing Report Posted: June 19, 2022

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on June 19, 2022 at 06:41:19:

And the beat goes on. Fishing off of Ashtabula Ohio Harbor remains more than EXCELLENT as we approach the latter part of the month of June now and with the metrological first day of summer approaching this coming week as well. Even though we've already had plenty of 90 degree plus days thus far in this month of June! Fortunately aboard THE TROPHY with us leaving at a ridiculously early hour of the morning our departure times have paid huge dividends for us. We have been able to beat the crazy heat of the day by finishing up much sooner than most and having lines in the water when the bite is the most active. Most days there are no long lines at the fish cleaning station when we get back in and things are really nice and tranquil. A far cry from an hour or so later when every charter boat in the harbor all seemingly hits the docks all at the same time!

The fish continue their slow methodical northward trek into the deeper cooler water well north of the harbor just like they do every summer. Itís almost uncanny how repetitious things are out there from one summer to the next. Fishing starts out near shore with the fish high in the water column and as the water warms, just like clockwork they start moving out further and further and dropping deeper and deeper into the same water. Weíve hit what I like to consider an important threshold where the water temps have now reached 70 degrees and a lot of the fish are now in likewise in 70 foot of water. Crossing the ď70 & 70Ē!

We are already in near wire line fishing territory as the month winds down. I may as early as this coming week start to dabble with some wire line and Jr. Thunder Sticks. Just like I have for the past 35 years! Perhaps we can start to find and catch a slightly better grade of fish by doing so. Although fishing has been on fire for us aboard The Trophy, the size of the average fish this summer leaves a lot to be desired. Just as it has been for everyone. Limits have been very common and fast and furious but itís been next to impossible to get away from yet another invasion of the 16 to 18 inch fish this season. Definitely all great ďeatersĒ but a far cry from the average size from years past and what we have all grown accustomed to fishing back in the 80ís, 90ís and early 2000ís. Itís been tough though lately with Mother Nature continuously throwing us new record setting hatch year after year since 2015 now. We are all trying our hardest to catch bigger fish for our guests but there is just only so much you can do. It is what it is though. Sometimes you just have to take what the lake gives you and be happy about it! That includes even the captain!

So summer marches on, gas prices at the marina continue to creep upwards each week and dealing with all of these younger Walleyes including tons of undersized throwback fish is all starting to get just a bit old. I guess with having lived through some of the very best Central Basin Walleye fishing that anyone can ever imagine along with dirt cheap fuel prices back in the day, things nowadays look somewhat grim. I often wonder to myself how things will be in the coming years. I hope to still be giving it Hell out there but frankly I am glad that the better part of my career is now in the rear view mirror. So many things are working against us now. Fuel is only just one thing that is concerning. Itís just everything. I just bought five cases of motor oil for the boat the other day which I will easily blow through before this season winds down. Before tax, it was $110 a case! I almost gagged! Can you even imagine? I never thought I would see the day. Oil filters have sky rocketed too. Just everything is nutzso. Again, I am blessed with the very best generous clientele on the entire lake. You guys continue to come through for me. Year after year. Big fish, smaller fish. Fast & furious fishing and tougher days both. You guys are the reason that I am inspired to keep on playing this game. You still make it fun for me and feasible. Excuse my mind wandering here. I usually save all of my sincere thanks to all of you for my very final fishing report of the year but you know what, sometimes it just feels good just to reinforce my genuine gratitude to everyone a little more frequently. Thank you!

Capt. Walt
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