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Fishing Report Posted: September 12, 2021

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 12, 2021 at 08:10:46:

“Just another year on The Trophy” As my season quickly winds down now, it’s with mixed emotions that I write this final fishing report for the 2021 season. Perhaps if these last couple of weeks had been all gravy, I would be all sad that it’s about to end. It was not. In fact, it feels like I lost about as many trips to the weather these past couple of weeks as I managed to get in. And many of the days that we did manage to fish, well we all got beat up pretty good. What an evil Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde this lake can be! In my prior fishing report I had just wrote about us coming off probably the nicest two week stretch of weather that we had all summer. These past two weeks was exactly the opposite of that. The stiff wind just blew and blew and blew everyday. The only thing that it did was change directions from time to time! Ugh!

Adding to my frustration was the huge stinking Sheephead that have turned on almost overnight seemingly this month. We went from hardly catching any all summer long to all of a sudden having days where you just couldn’t keep them off your lines! Truly unbelievable! And big ones at that! Way out there, spinning around and around, many all tangled up and half snagged where you could hardly reel them in. I blew up more reels these past couple of weeks then I have in the last couple of summers combined. These junk reels that they build anymore with the plastic gears and other junk materials, they just can’t handle being used as power winches for that kind of dead weight punishment. Double Ugh!

But then again on the brighter side, the Walleye fishing remained most excellent albeit that we had to work extra hard weeding thru all of the junk Sheephead and on certain days still all the dink undersized Walleyes. In fact, I’d go as far to say that we probably had some of our most spectacular catches of the entire year at days end as we probably have had all summer long. Also there around the end of August besides the Walleyes, we had some unbelievable Steelhead trout action all mixed in on a lot of the days as well. Probably more Steelhead showing up in our catches a lot of days this entire summer then I’ve seen in quite a few previous years. I know there’s going to be a whole lot of people smoking some trout this coming fall! Lol! And for those of you that are, don’t forget to check out our ‘bangin smoked trout recipe that we have up on our website! If you follow the directions as listed there to the letter, I promise you it will be the best darned smoked trout or salmon that you have ever snacked on! Mmmm!

So here comes the part that I really hate. Saying good bye for yet another year to all of my guests and friends that graced my humble little fishing boat. Yes, you are all truly my friends. Hard working, fun loving good generous people that I am so proud to have for my base. Without your continued support and genuine kindness each year I wouldn’t have lasted as long as I have in this very tough business. You guys are the ones that still make it fun for me. Bad weather, good weather, monster Walleyes, dink Walleyes... we all went through it together with many stories and jokes along the way! Once again, Joyce and I thank you all from the very bottom of our hearts for coming out and fishing with us this season. And the fact that almost 100% of you guys have already indicated that you want your very same days again next year, well were extra touched. Blessed would probably be a even better word! So that’s about it then. In less then two weeks from now we’ll have already run our last trip for this year. Then in two weeks from today we’ll be crazy busy as we are each year at this time cleaning, winterizing, and packing everything up in both the camper and the boat and getting ready to haul everything back home. Hence as I mentioned earlier, this will serve as my last actual fishing report of this season. One final big thank you to all of you including all of those that just drop in to follow along with these little fishing blogs of mine every couple of weeks. I love having all you guys here! Finally as in past years when I sign off here, I wish everyone a safe and healthy off season. I am already looking foreword to the fishing season of 2022. Peace and out.

Capt. Walt
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