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Fishing Report Posted: August 30, 2020

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 30, 2020 at 05:03:08:

Great fishing! These past couple of weeks have been most excellent for everyone chasing Lake Erie gold, the Walleyes off of the port of Ashtabula, OH! Action has been fast and furious and the really good news is that the basin out here is really filling in. Up to now it seemed like we had two distinct bands of fish. One at the 10 mile mark and another heavier band out around 20 miles. Itís now getting to the point where it is hard to tell where one school thins out and where another one starts. Itís seemingly one big blanket of Walleyes from about 8 miles out clear to the Canadian border and Iím sure far beyond that!

I was going to start this report out by saying ďGreat fishing, great weatherĒ. We really did have a nice stretch of real summer like weather here lately. Weíve had a few breezy and choppy days here and there but itís been mostly doable. That stretch of ďdoableĒ days came to an end this past week towards weeks end and then the weekend itself. Starting with Thursday we had 20 to near 40 mph winds out of the south, southwest shutting down all thoughts of any fishing for everyone. We managed to sneak Friday in with thunderstorms and heavy rain all around us but Saturday it was back to the same thing with strong winds and heavy rains and thunderstorms. Ugh. As I sit here and write this report Sunday donít look all that swift either. Such is life on the big lake. You just canít get thru the entire season without having a bunch of blow days. I donít care how big your boat is or how bad you want to go. The lake does her own thing and and on days like that you have to respect it.

When we were able to get out, fishing has been pretty much stupid easy. Thatís what large numbers of fish below you provides. You donít have to be precisely dialed in. Just get it somewhere close to the right depth and a hungry Walleye will grab your stuff. It donít matter if itís a $20 dollar custom painted bait or the most beat up lure in your tackle box. The Walleyes simply donít care! I personally lean towards the old veterans that hardly have a lick of paint left on them anywhere. Kinda like me. Beat up but still going strong! Lol! After a slow Dipsy bite earlier in the summer this year they have really started to shine for us. in fact, I got brave enough on several trips where we never put the boards out. Including this past Friday. Thatís the last thing I wanted was wire line in the water off the planer boards with thunderstorms in the area! Lol! Seriously though, I really think that if you didnít mind being one of the last ones back to the dock on some days and being buried in the back of the fish cleaning line that you could probably finish the remaining fishing season off from here on out with just the Dipsys!

Speaking of finishing, the end is now clearly in site for myself. In a couple of days it will be September and next weekend will be Labor Day weekend already. The official ceremonial end of summer. Fishing has finally gotten red hot and here I am talking about the end being near. For me anyway it is. Some charters stay in the water much longer but Iíve played that game long enough over the many years. The weather going into October and even November just becomes way too unpredictable for my likings. Remember when I hit 30 years and I quit going early season to Port Clinton? I said I wanted to round out whatever years I have left in me fishing in just a tee shirt and shorts. Well, thatís my story and Iím sticking to it! Haha! Anyway, check back here in a couple of weeks. It just might be my last report for this 2020 fishing season!

Capt. Walt
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