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Fishing Report Posted: August 25, 2019

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 25, 2019 at 10:28:43:

Copy and paste! You could literally pick your favorite fishing report of mine from say the last three or four past weeks and insert it here in this report and you would have a fishing report verbatim or word for word exactly the same describing the fishing and the weather that we just had this past week. Just nothing is new or ever seems to change. The fish are way out in the same exact areas. They are still deep as they have been. And they are still biting very, very good! And we aboard THE TROPHY have still easily limited out on every trip out. Day after day. Week after week. Month after month. Verbatim of any of my past posts.

Ironically the weather this past week was about identical as the past few weeks as well. Very hot but decent lake conditions to start the week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday followed by a cold front with stiff winds on Thursdays and Fridays. This past week it was just like clock work. The cold front arrived early Thursday morning with north winds picking up dramatically as I was setting the boat up dockside for the day in the early morning darkness. By the time we departed and started our way out the lake was churning solid 4 footers. We took it easy on the long run north and it took us an hour and a half just to get to where we wanted to be. Friday morning, same thing. Both days long rides out then turn around and just troll towards home with the wind and waves to our backs. And catch fish every inch of the way back from the moment the first lines hit the rough water till we have all that we are allowed to catch! Easy Peasy!

Aboard THE TROPHY we have just been Dipsy Divering it and havenít used our planer boards in weeks now. It just makes no sense to put them out when you are so busy with just the Dipsys Divers alone that you donít have time to run any of the long lines out for the boards. When the fish were shallower and much higher in the water column and the Dipsys weren't quite as productive we didnít have much choice but to run them. Now with the Walleyes down 50-60 foot or better there is no easier way to quickly get a lure down deep to them where it donít stay very long before a fat Walleye gobbles it up. Quick to put out and quick to get back in. Take the Walleye off, snap the Dipsy back in place and just that quick get it back down there! Aboard THE TROPHY we use 6 divers. Three per side and that has been plenty enough rods to keep us constantly busy. You just canít beat it!

Last week in my fourth picture and fourth paragraph of my report I showed a fresh Smelt that a Walleye had just coughed up as I netted it. These off shore fish are just gorging themselves on just everything. Check out these fresh Shad that another Walleye puked up this past week as I was unhooking it! Once again, notice any similarities to the lure that we caught the Walleye on? Lol! Simply amazing how well these fish are eating now. We are seeing them throwing up gobs of baby Perch, Emerald Shiners, Smelt and even little Sheephead and White Bass. Almost every Walleye that we are handling now is throwing some kind of little fish up. Most are already pretty badly decomposed but you can clearly make out it is a little fish or a gob of what was fish. Once in a while you get one so fresh that it is still alive yet the Walleye still went for our lure! Piggy's! No wonder fishing is so darn good! So thatís it. This is the last week of August... WOW is all I can say!

Capt. Walt

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