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Fishing Report Posted: July 07, 2019

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on July 07, 2019 at 08:03:18:

And just like that, it’s behind us. The big 4th of July holiday seemingly crept up on us out of nowhere in warp speed this summer and has already come and gone now. Unbelievably, we are already entering the second week of July. The downward slide of summer. To me, the 4th has always represented the halfway point of the summer and the half way point of our fishing season. So, depending on if you’re a “the glass is half full” kind of guy or “the glass is half empty” kind of guy, you’re either sad that it’s already half way over, or excited that it’s just now getting to the half way point. Myself, I find it hard to believe that we are on the downward turn now of this magical season and know how fast the remaining weeks will all slip away. The glass is definitely half way empty to me!

This past week was by far the nicest week of this summer so far! We didn’t even have our one odd windy & stormy day like we have been getting each week the last handful of weeks. Just flat seas every day, albeit some very hot temperatures. I’ll take it! After fishing in raw and cool conditions in what seemed like most all of the first half of this summer, this little heat wave this past week felt great to me! And honestly, with us leaving at 5am each morning if not earlier, we were done each day with boat limits of Walleye before the real heat ever kicked in! Not only that, I am saving a ton of money on sun block this summer! There has been no need to lather up this whole year! Either it’s been rainy or we are done already each day before the sun starts to really scorch! Or both! Lol!

Just nothing has changed so far this year. Week in and week out. So far anyway... The Walleyes are still in super shallow and close to the harbor. Most all the fish we are catching are suspended in about 45 to 55 foot of water and hanging about 35 ft. down. Within easy striking distance of our 40 Jets which are designed to dive to about 40 foot. And especially easily within our Dipsy Diver program where we can get the big divers down to most any depth desired. Both methods are working equally well and it is literally impossible to run both at the same time because it is just too fast and hectic! Aboard THE TROPHY I have settled into a routine of choosing one program over the other depending on my crew size and if I have a first mate. If I have a larger party and or a first mate, I’ll throw the boards out and run (try to run) 6 Jet rods. 3 on each side. If I have a relatively small party, say 3 people I just throw out a few Dipsys out and roll with that. Honestly, neither one is working any better then the other. Both systems are on fire using the small Scorpion Stinger Spoons. Colors? Heck, it don’t matter! I have the same exact spoons on that I put on two months ago and they have been hit so many times now this year that there is hardly a shred of paint left on them! All of the millions of colors sold in the bait shops and especially all the new “custom” colors that lure painters are now cranking out at premium prices is all for chumps! You can catch them on ANYTHING! You most always can. Lol!

So we are entering the second week of July now. The Walleyes are still in close and are ridiculously suicidal. The weather for this coming week looks to be another picture perfect week with if anything, much more comfortable temperatures and lower humidity's. It should bow very well for my afternoon nap that I have now come to be accustomed to! Maybe this week I’ll be able to do so without the AC in the camper cranked up on high! It would not surprise me though if any day now the massive schools of Walleye started to move offshore. I mean after all it is well into July now and we’ve never had a July or August in my 30 plus years of chartering where we did not end up at least 10 miles or more offshore. Most years even much more so then that. We’ll see. This whole year has a completely different “feel” to it. It might be the case that even if a bunch of fish move offshore, we’ll never be able to tell because there are so many fish in the lake we can still make a living catching the many stragglers which always occurs even after a big shift in fish movement. I simply love it!

Capt. Walt

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