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Fishing Report Posted: June 09, 2019

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on June 09, 2019 at 08:09:42:

Great fishing! The weather, hmmmm... Just so, so at best. Even though we are better then a week into June now, there was no real sign of any real heat, dry weather or real summer like conditions yet this past week again. In fact, for fearing that I may have jinxed myself in last weeks fishing report saying that the only thing that could hold us back from doing very well out there would be having to fish in harsh conditions, I awoke Monday morning to a smoking stiff cold north wind. Ugh. The first stiff northerly for me in this young charter season. And had it not been for the fact that last year I sent the very same exact group home because of similar conditions, I would have thought long and hard about just blowing the day off.

But not wanting to see the same guys that disappointed again, I put my big boy pants on and sucked it up and we headed out in the dark in about 3 to 5 foot waves. Knowing there would be no circling around or back tracking that particular day, I took it far enough north to be able to do just one troll south with the wind and waves on the tail and give my crew the most comfortable ride possible. We took it clear to 71 foot of water, further then I have been at any point so far this year and pointed it south and got started. And guess what? We opened up with 3 triples in a row! Is there anywhere off Ashtabula that isnít just loaded with Walleyes right now? Wow! We went on to easily limiting out once again in the less then desirable conditions.

Tuesday, oh boy even stiffer winds but this time dead out of the south. I set up this time in 26 foot of water and pointed it north to go with the wind and waves. And you already guessed it. We again opened up heavy in fish and never turned the boat till we had 36 Walleyes in the box for the day. Pretty much ending up where I started well north the day before. By the time I pulled my gear to come in, Wee Bob was it friggin snotty out there! With a bit of sea sickness setting in for multiple crew members, my crew was more then happy to be heading in with their fine catch. And so was I! The next day, same thing. Super stiff southerly's. Not wanting to end up way offshore again, this time I put THE TROPHY in the ditch and just trolled east and west in tight to shore enjoying the calmer water that the shoreline and the lee side of the lake provided. And again, it mattered little. Never getting deeper then 30 foot of water, the Walleyes were literally jumping in the boat! Fishing with only 4 Jet rods, we simply could not keep them in the water. Thursday and Friday, we departed in and fought a super heavy dense chilly blanket of fog in the morning darkness. Through it all though once dawn cracked the Walleye fishing was simply fabulous! Just another great week and a strong sign that even trying weather conditions this year isnít going to hold this us back any . As long as we can get out that is!

So by the time I post again, we will be smack dab in the middle of June. Already! Talk will soon turn to the fast approaching 4th of July holiday. Man, how come winter doesnít slip by this fast! Anyway, everybody thatís going to be in the water around here already is. All the charters that still go to the western basin in the real early part of the season are all back now and dug in for the real meat of their season. The Walleyes are already here and itís game on for everyone. I am having a ball out there myself and Iím sure everyone else is too. Too bad the days and weeks fly by so quickly when itís this good! I encourage everyone that likes to fish to get up here one way or another and get in on this super magical season that we are having. Be it on a charter or on a private boat. Just do it! Blow off work, beg your buddies or make friends with someone that has a boat! Do what you got to do. Just get up here and get in on it! Soon I wonít be talking about the 4th of July. It will be Labor Day and you know what comes after that. Trust me, this summer will seem like it passed in a blink of an eye. All good dreams do!

Capt. Walt

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