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Fishing Report Posted: May 26, 2019

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 26, 2019 at 07:44:48:

Going good! I mean, going REALLY, REALLY good for us aboard THE TROPHY! As I described in last weeks report, fishing off Ashtabula has heated up already to mid summer caliber expectations even though the weather on many days has not. This past week was yet another cool, breezy and at times stormy week up here on the north coast. And those are the key words... ďup hereĒ. There is just such a world of difference in the spring between the weather we experience on the water or near the water as opposed to even just a few miles inland. Itís the old ďair conditionerĒ effect. With water temperatures seemingly stuck at around 53 degrees, it doesnít take much of a breeze to cool the surrounding air temperatures down to similar levels. And if the wind is even more than a just breeze, there is actually a wind chill factor out there on the water that no longer gets discussed on the evening news's local weather segment now that it is almost summer. But itís still there. Brrrrrrr!

I ended up cancelling Monday because of conditions but we put in a good week there after. We didnít have much company out there either. I guess most everyone else is waiting for the 80 degree days before they get too serious about fishing up here. We ourselves didnít mind throwing some jackets and hoodies on and head on out there. And the Walleyes certainly didnít mind it either! We easily caught what we needed each day. The marks on the fish finder are just crazy! I really believe there is a insane amount of Walleyes in the area already. For my faithful readers, youíll remember it wasnít till a week into June last year before the flood gates let loose and we started to catch fish like we already are here for going on two weeks now. I shudder to think how good itís going to get when the water temps hit 60 degrees and beyond and we get just a little bit better water clarity. Itís been pretty dingy near shore where the fish are presently stacked up like cord wood.

We havenít really ventured very far from the harbor at all yet. And we havenít tried it east of the harbor any at all. There really hasnít been any need to do so. Though Iím not out very far at all, I havenít really tried fishing in the real skinny water like we did most all of last May either. By skinny water, I mean the water from 15 to 30 ft. in depth very close to the shoreline. Normally this is the water that warms first and is the warmest which attracts the bait fish which in turn draws in the Walleye. Thatís where we caught some really nice fish a year ago on crank baits. But this year with the rivers all flooding up and down the shoreline and pumping out the mud, I feel it would be a big waste of time going on in there to try. Besides, we are doing great in water depths of 45 ft. and deeper, so why would I even want to try it? Itís the old and most important lesson in fishing. ďNever leave fish to go look for fish!Ē And itís so very true! Lol!

So Memorial Day weekend is upon us. Itís hard for me to believe that THE TROPHY has been in the water already for a whole month! And starting with this big weekend, the days of me being the only one out there are about over with as well. Many of the private boaters are finally getting their boats in the water after a very trying spring of trying to get their work done so that they can launch. I am so very thankful to have a nice big heated building to do all my spring prep work in myself! Temperatures are supposed to get up in the 80ís as well this weekend and coming week and that will further help bring out the average fisherman. Thatís OK. Lots of room out there and there are literally millions of Walleye out there! Come get you some! Lol! Alrighty, last week I mentioned that I had Wednesday May the 29th open. I still do. On top of that I just took a cancellation for the very next day, Thursday May the 30th. So this coming week I have both Wednesday & Thursday available should anyone be interested. Fishing is very good. Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Capt. Walt

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