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Fishing Report Posted: September 16, 2018

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 16, 2018 at 01:36:32:

Still great Walleye fishing! Well last weekends weather pretty much played out as the forecast had predicted. It was raw, windy and very wet. Nobody fished for three days and even Tuesday started out quite shaky even though the marine forecast was only calling for 1 to 3 ft. waves. We aboard THE TROPHY pushed off in the dark anxious to get back to work only to be greeted at the gap and beyond the break wall with easy 3 to 5 footers. The lake didnít have any clear wave direction either. It was just a mass of left over confused water from the three days of really hard blowing with wave heights said to be 10 ft. or better on those days. It could best be described as just big holes and moguls of water thrashing around in multiple directions that we encountered early Tuesday morning. The dominate stiff wind was out of the north west and thatís the direction we headed out in.

The actual forecast was for 1 to 3 footers going to 1 ft. or less. Thatís the only reason we pushed on. Had they called for that kind of water all day or for it to get even worst, it would have been a 4 day loss for me because I would have certainly spun it around and just come back in. But we hung tough and hung our hats on the fact that it just had to get better with such light winds and waves predicted and so we pushed on. At a snails pace of about 8 mph it took us almost 2 hours to get out to 15 miles! A long bouncy, gas guzzling boat ride. As we arrived to where I thought that I should be fishing I was thankful to see that the waves had at least taken on a more clear direction or as its known in mariner terms, taken on a ďfetchí'. It was also obvious that the wind was dropping off dramatically. It was going to be a good day after all! But what was the fishing going to be like after a major blow like that?

We squared off with the wind and waves and set up a south east troll towards home. Any concerns about tougher fishing was quickly squelched. Running only Dipsy Divers because the lake was still quite lumpy and because before the blow thatís all we could keep up with, we managed to get 4 Dipsys out and immediately had a triple on! 3 nice fat Walleyes! And from there it was game on! Doubles and triples ruled the day or should I say the next hour or so! Lol! It literally took us longer to get out to the fishing grounds then it did to catch 30 Walleyes! The only problem with limiting out that quick is with me aiming for home, we sure didnít bite back much real estate trolling and once we boated the last Walleye we still had a long boat ride back home again. But it was in the right direction and the lake was getting nicer by the moment. By the time we got back to the harbor the lake was gorgeous and that was just the beginning of a great weather week up here for a change and another fabulous week of easy limit catches. The big blow changed nothing at all. If anything, they seemed even hungrier! Ha!

So my string of perfect limit days is still intact! That is over 3 months of solid fishing now. No matter what the conditions or the size of crew. And I dare say without sounding too cocky, pretty darn easy limits at that! Simply amazing. We are now in the late stage of our Walleye fishing season up this way where in years past things usually start dropping off in the Walleye department dramatically. But there is no sign that things are going to change for the worst anytime soon this year. There are just so many Walleyes out there itís plain crazy! Not even a hard 3 day blow could slow things down for us. As we enter this coming week we once again have the remnants of another hurricane creeping our way. But unlike with hurricane Gordon that met up with a series of low pressure systems over the great lakes and created a wrap around effect which gave us a hard north east blow for multiple days, hurricane Florence looks to just peter out by the time it reaches us. Maybe just a little rain. I see nothing to be overly concerned about this time around. We shall see. One thing is becoming abundantly clear however. It all makes no difference with these Walleyes this year and the dream season that we are all experiencing. It will truly be sad when the time comes to hang it up for this year. Maybe I should start thinking about and really start pushing some October Walleye charters yet this year! Hint, hint, hint!

Capt. Walt

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