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Fishing Report Posted: September 02, 2018

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 02, 2018 at 11:03:53:

The three Hís! HHH, most everyone that knows any kind of weather lingo at all knows that in August the three Hís means hot, humid & hazy. And man oh man did that describe the first few days to the start of last week. It was about as unbearable as it has been all summer around here or that it could possibly be as far as that goes. It didnít matter whether you were on shore or way out in the lake. It was just plain miserable. But thatís nothing compared to what I had to deal with on top of all that. I had to deal with WRS most all of last week as well. Windy, rough & stormy! WRS! Well, I just made that up, lol but I sure didnít make up the fact that we had another HORRIBLE weather week up here on the lake this past week. It practically killed all fishing activity for anyone with half a brain Monday thru Thursday. But we aboard THE TROPHY werenít that smart...

We fished. Mondays heat was ushered in with strong southwesterly winds. The kind of wind that suckers you into fishing because the first few miles out donít seem ďall that badĒ We fished, we limited but boy when it came time to come home after trolling out with the wind and the waves it was a ďOh $**t momentĒ! Or should I say 90 minutes! What a horrible ride home again. Next day, same thing but even worst! Strong hot gusty southerly winds. Monday very few boats went. Tuesday, nobody else went out of Ashtabula Harbor that I know of besides us. Reluctantly, we stuck our noses out there again starting very short and then trolled northeast with the nasty swells and frothy whipping white caps. Once again fishing wasnít the issue of the day as the Walleyes still did their thing. Interestingly enough, starting way shallow the first 3 fish that hit the fish box were big Steelheads! I got no pictures however because we were busy holding on for dear life!

Wednesday, same thing. I finally succumbed to the once again strong southwest wind and just outright cancelled my trip. How many beatings in a row can one man take? Again I donít think anyone fished that day including me. It felt good to have the day off even though I know I could have probably got it in because it wasnít any rougher I donít think then the previous 2 days. Thursday, relief! Well sort of. Overnight a strong cold front dropped thru and drove out the heat, humidity and haziness that had plagued the area for days. But again at a cost. Strong northerly winds. But with a fresh days rest we put back on our big boy pants and headed north towards Canada in the 4 ft. seas. After about a 2 hour boat ride north we spun it around and set up a troll for home. We didnít make it very far back south though before we had a boat limit of very nice plump Walleyes. It was again about as good as it gets! Friday was the real gem of the week. Finally a knock out gorgeous day! Light winds, low humidity and very comfortable temperatures. Knowing how good we did the day before way north and me having a very full boat for the day and needing lots of fish, I didnít think twice about just cranking it way out again. And the fishing was fabulous as featured here in my lead off picture top of the page. Great weather, a great crew and super GREAT fishing!

So this past weeks winds are behind us as is the whole month of August now. I for one am more then happy to put that puppy to bed. Hopefully September will be much kinder to all of us. Fishing is still more then amazing. I covered so much different water with all the different wind conditions and directions that I had to deal with this past week. It mattered little. No matter where we went, where we set up the Walleye fishing was simply on fire. Its just amazing out there! Hopefully next weeks fishing report wonít look so much like a blog from a storm chaser on the Weather Channel! Ha! Frankly I get tired writing about it but not nearly as much as I get tired of fishing in all of that crap. But this sport revolves so heavily around the weather that talking about it is a big part of our story line. If anything though, writing this heavily weather related report up this week was a bit of a change from what Iíve been mostly reporting and writing about week after week after week now this year. The unbelievable, fantastic, super, awesome, incredible Walleye fishing thatís been taking place out of Ashtabula Harbor! Hopefully it holds up for another 4 weeks. Thatís about all I have left now. Happy Labor Day everyone!

Capt. Walt

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