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Fishing Report Posted: September 24, 2017

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 24, 2017 at 10:38:05:

Walleyes, Walleyes, and MORE Walleyes! Just when fishing for the Walleyes around here at the end of September is SUPPOSED to really start getting tough for everyone, it only just keeps getting better and better out there! The weather this past week was simply fabulous once again and the Walleyes were stupid suicidal. I donít think Iíve ever seen that many boats each morning this time of year as I did this past week out there all Walleye fishing and all limiting out so very quickly each and every morning! All of the charter boats at my own little marina, River Marine have converted all of their Perch trips to Walleye trips as have I and everyone was very busy this past week Running Walleye trips. And what a slam itís been for the River Marine captains! A couple of mornings last week I was back to the dock at 9:00am with limits and I was the LAST CHARTER BOAT BACK! Lol! Simply unreal!

What helped make things so speedy, the Walleyes have really moved in now very close to the harbor. A lot of days its been under 5 miles! Very little travel time involved and what little distance we did have to travel, with the flat lake conditions everyday you could zip right out there. Then the fishing was just about as fast as you could go once you started. Everything plain worked. You didnít even have to dial everything in real well. Wherever you happened to stop your Dipsys or long lines, they wouldnít sit out there for very long before a hungry Walleye would grab it! The fish are stacked out there and in many parts of the water column. The fish finder looked like it was in some kind of demo mode or something!

As I mentioned, the lake conditions were just as nice as could be this past week as well. Where the heck was this great weather all summer long and especially back in August and the beginning of this September? Everyday the lake forecast was for 1 foot waves or less and for a change they were spot on! Just a beautiful calm lake day in and day out. No rain and basically wall to wall sunshine everyday. Just perfect late season weather. And most of next weeks weather looks to be similar! It should be another great week of Walleye fishing!

So Perch fishing is about non existent. Nobody is catching them and itís getting to the point where nobody is even trying anymore. The Walleye fishing is just too good not to take advantage of right now. I myself am glad that all of my groups trust my better judgment and that they put their trust in me. Everybody basically just wants to have a fun day and to take a nice load of fillets home for a dinner or two. There is nothing less fun then sitting Perch fishing all day and not catching anything. Been there, done that and I donít want to do it again knowing that the Walleye fishing is that crazy good. I think I have talked to most all of my remaining trips and everyone is good with just Walleye fishing for which I am very thankful! Itís only a week to go now for me and after that I guess it wonít really matter. Next week will also be my final report. I will try to wrap everything up and thank everyone that needs to be thanked. Although I am not looking to book any trips past this next week, I may keep the boat in the water an extra week or two if the weather holds. If a group comes around and things are still going good, I may be persuaded to try a October Walleye charter just for a little mad money. But we will see. Officially, this coming week is my LAST week. It went fast. One more week and one more report. Check back for the wrap up next week!

Capt. Walt
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