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Fishing Report Posted: August 13, 2017

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 13, 2017 at 14:45:15:

Another really good week of fishing! It’s almost amazing how big a block of fish that we all are blessed with here off of Ashtabula Harbor right now. From my own different track lines each day and where everybody else is fishing and spanking the Walleyes, it’s pretty safe to say there is a solid blanket of fish stretching at least from Ashtabula running east to the Ohio-PA line and from about starting at 70 ft. running north right to the Canadian border. Very impressive! There really has been no real need to turn and double back on any one spot or to circle around and “pocket fish”. A big part of all that is that the insane amount of two year olds that we have been catching all year most everywhere are now piling up offshore and the fact that a lot of them are FINALLY nice plump legal sized fish. It should only get better with each passing day now!

The really nice weather that I was expecting this past week wasn’t quite as nice as they had been calling for but somehow we got everything in, including Tuesday when most everybody either outright cancelled or went out and came right back. I was on the fence myself as to what to do. For one thing, I had four younger hardy guys that were very eager to go. That coupled with the fact that at no point were they calling for that kind of wind! It was “supposed” to be 2-4 feet overnight subsiding to 1 foot or less by morning. Imagine everyone's surprise when we were greeted that morning with solid 3 to 5’s and the wind just a whistling! After talking it over, we decided to take our time and just putz our way out there with high hopes that the wind and waves indeed subsided to the predicted 1 footers that they were calling for. After a long ride out to the Canadian border (again), we spun it south and immediately started pounding the Walleyes! Everybody had a ball and by the time we quit with limits of really nice fish, the lake was almost flat. A very good call!

The thing that really amazed me and I’ve seen it a hundred times and more over the years. At no point that morning did they ever have small craft advisories up! They just stuck to their guns all morning. 1 foot or less as I was blowing waves off the bow trying to make my way out there! Idiots! I’ve seen it go both ways also in disbelief. I’ve seen it many times where they’ve posted small craft warnings and not backed them off at all while the lake did absolutely nothing. Flat and non threatening while we would again be about the only boat out there after everybody else had cancelled because of their horrific forecast. I don’t know how they come up with their forecasts or what they base their decisions on but I’m telling you, it’s seriously messed up! Honestly, most days you just have to show up and see for yourself and then based on a lot of different factors such as what it’s “supposed” to do, your boat size, your crews sea worthiness, make up your own minds whether you should attempt it or not. Even I loose plenty of days where there is just no way that you can safely and comfortably fish no matter who you are or how big your boat is. I sure don’t want to throw away trips needlessly because of the National Weather service’s blown forecasts. And yes, that has happened to me as well more times then I can count! Very frustrating.

So its about mid month already. Man, didn’t we just flip the page here to August? Everywhere I go I hear talk about kids going back to school and the guys discussing all of their hunting plans for this fall. As good as the fishing is getting now, it will be very interesting to see how long these fish hang in there for us this year. I personally think we’ll be catching Walleyes good in October this year! I may just have to re-think when I want to pull the boat for the year. My initial plans all along was for early October this year. All part of my master plan of starting to slow down some here in my final years of chartering! Ha! But if the Walleye fishing is smashing good, I might just have to hang in there some this fall! We’ll see! OK, I have another very short notice date that just opened up due to a unforeseen circumstance that I would really like to try and fill. This coming Tuesday, August the 15th is now available for immediate booking. Anybody interested may call, text, or email me at ANY time of the day or night for this short notice trip (216-387-2656 cell) or ( Fishing is really Excellent right now and it would be a real shame to see “The Trophy” get sidelined here in the prime month of August if the weather is nice which Tuesday weather looks awesome right now. Alrighty then, that’s about it for yet another week.

Capt. Walt
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