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Fishing Report Posted: July 30, 2017

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on July 30, 2017 at 12:31:20:

Wind, wind, and more wind! Ugh. Just last weekend I was describing the week before as being very “pleasant”. Well this past week that we just wrapped up was all but “pleasant”. I should have known we would have Holy Hell to pay for having such a lovely stretch of calm days. And we did. Starting with Monday morning we were greeted at the dock with stiff northwesterly winds. With the right crew for the day, we still decided to try it and were the only charter boat that left Ashtabula Harbor that morning. After a rather long crawl out to the fishing grounds, we got started and caught fish good right away. Eventually the building wind got the best of us and we had to cut our day a bit short and a few fish short of a limit catch. It was the best we could do with what we were dealt with that day.

Tuesday morning was even windier! Double Ugh! But with winds forecast to back off some by mid morning we elected to do a weather delay and try to get out after daybreak. By 6:30am there was a noticeable improvement in lake conditions and we were off. Tuesdays wind was straight out of the north and that is exactly where we headed. Way north! Again it was a long tough crawl out and I did not spin “The Trophy” around till we hit the Canadian/US line to ride the wind and waves straight back. A long grueling 2 hour ride out. BUT... the fish were there! We were in fish right away and went on to catch one of our nicest limits of fish to date. We had a good handful of fish between 27” inches and 30” inches. The rest of our limit catch that day was rounded out by the “good eaters” that have been saving the day this entire year for us.

Wednesday & Thursday were the gems of the week. Calm and uneventful. Limits came easily and everyone had on a happy face. Even me! Then came Friday. Ugh AGAIN! With a forecast of 3’ to 6’ foot waves and seas building even further, we just flat out cancelled the trip. And the same thing again on Saturday when we cancelled once more. Friday night we had winds up here on the lakeshore in excess of 40 mph out of the northeast. Just a raw and ugly night to cap off a nasty, nasty week. Two lost trips for me and had we not sucked it up and gone earlier in the week, it would have been 4 days lost in the same week like most of the charter fleet here experienced. That’s a big, big hit in a limited season where a loss is a loss and you just can’t make up that many lost days. Truly a tough business to be in!

So in a day we flip the page here to August. Fishing is real good right now. Weather has been the issue a lot this summer thus far though. How this entire season will be remembered is yet to be determined. With each passing day more and more of these younger Walleyes will start to becoming keepers. That will help things a lot. August a lot of times is the three H’s. Hot, humid & hazy. There is still time to turn this season around if the weather ever gives us a break. Thus far though, I will remember it for being rainy, stormy and WINDY for the most part filled with tons and tons of throwback Walleyes. We’ll just have to see how these last two months play out. August baby! Bring it on!

*We still have one open date in August left to offer due to a cancellation. Thursday, August 17th is available should anyone be interested. I just looked in my crystal ball. The weather is going to be GREAT and the Walleye fishing will be even BETTER! Ha! Anyone interested in seeing if I am right, give me a call or text @ 216-387-2656 Thanks!

Capt. Walt
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