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Fishing Report Posted: July 23, 2017

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on July 23, 2017 at 10:17:37:

A pleasant week! Pleasant. Have I used that word yet this year? Have I ever even used that word to describe a whole week here on Lake Erie? Lol! Well, either way it hasn’t been for a long time if ever. For a very welcome change we had no thunderstorms or high winds to concern ourselves with this past week. I think the whole week was forecasted to be about 1 to 2 foot waves and I would say that’s about all we had to deal with. Just downright pleasant!

To add to the pleasantness, the Walleyes were pretty much on fire as well. Most mornings from the moment I would go to the back of the boat to help the guys start running lines, I was so busy that rarely did I find a second to myself to run up to the helm and get a sip of my morning coffee just sitting there getting cold. With the smaller Walleyes still attacking us as if they’ve never ate before, it’s been a real accomplishment just to get all our lines in. You would get a few set and you would already have 2 hanging. Nonstop, just about as fast as my crews and I could go. And like its been all along this summer, with much weeding we managed to have a perfect string of limit catches of keepers for all my guests everyday of this past week.

And we continue to catch a few dandy's each day. This past week was no exception. We added to our ever growing long list of Walleyes this summer that have cracked the 30” inch mark. We had another pair of 31”s this past week along with plenty of others that were 28” inch or better. Maybe not rack fulls like it was a few years back but a few each day just to keep things exciting. Seems like we are now seeing more 18” to 22” inch fish as well. Those would be those pesky 14” inchers that we were throwing back last summer. I get all warm and fuzzy thinking that all the fish we are throwing back this summer will be similar in size next year!

So that’s about it for another week. It is hard to believe that we are entering the final week of July already. It's been a blur. August traditionally brings the hottest weather of the summer. I’m not really looking forward to that if it comes to pass. What does help is our super early morning departures where we get a good jump on the day by leaving around 4:00am everyday. I tell all my upcoming trips that we need to be on our way somewhere between 4:00 and 4:30am at the very latest. Especially with the travel time involved now. Most of my groups have been there by 4am as requested and for that I thank you! I just have no desire to be out there anymore in the heat of the day and prefer to be setting lines in the predawn morning coolness. It's very neat as well with all my awesome Rigid LED lights lighting up the night. I honestly can see better with the Rigid lights all focused on the spots that I need to see as opposed to staring into the sun lit glare on the water when the sun gets up higher. And as my first picture in this fishing report illustrates, we’ve been getting a few real monsters in the dark too! Well that will do it. Off to bed for me now. I have to get up again VERY early tomorrow! Lol!

*I have 3 days available to offer next month for a charter that have recently opened up. August 2nd & 3rd as well as Aug. 17th are immediately open for booking. Fishing is very good now. If anyone is interested in any of these dates, please call me at 216-387-2656. Thank you!

Capt. Walt
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