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Fishing Report Posted: April 02, 2017

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 02, 2017 at 05:51:10:

Fishing reports will resume around the end of May.

I did want to take a moment however to help alert everyone that enjoys Lake Erie and all the other Great Lakes for that matter of something that President Trump is trying to pass in his proposed budget cuts. He proposes to slash ALL funding for many essential and vital programs that help clean and preserve our Great Lakes that we all treasure. There are many articles out there, just Google Trump & Great Lakes. Here is a good one but you’ll have to copy and paste the address into your browser:
Particularly troubling is this will eliminate all efforts to keep the Asian Carp from getting into Lake Erie and controlling the Sea Lampreys that prey on our sport game fish. Everything about this budget cut even if it comes to be half of what he proposes is very devastating to our waterways. I find it ironic that the great lake states that helped propel this man to presidency is now getting boned in return. I urge everyone to read about this, pass it on to others and make as much noise as we can collectively to say NO to this insane proposed cut in funding. Write and call your representatives. Names, numbers and addresses are easy to find online. Don’t let this Loony Tune “So called President” ruin our Great Lakes! Cya on the water...

Capt. Walt
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[ Lake Erie & Tributaries Fishing Report ]