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Fishing Report Posted: September 18, 2016

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 18, 2016 at 13:45:08:

Winding down quickly now. But apparently the Walleyes didnít get the memo! This was probably one of the best weeks that weíve had with the big toothy fish in several weeks now. The Walleyes continue to move back in closer to shore as they have been here lately and as they always do in the fall of each year. ďThe TrophyĒ caught fish in water as shallow as 48 foot this past week although 64 to 70 foot was probably the sweet spot for us. Not only was the action fast and furious at times with the Walleyes, the incidental pesky junk fish that have been bothering us so bad for about a month now really weren't too bad either. A very pleasant surprise on both counts with no complaints coming from me. And the Walleyes were pretty decent sized for a change with many Fish Ohio citation caliber fish being caught by us and many others.

Weather continued to make things challenging mid week once again. Iím not going to dwell on the subject much because Iím so sick of it but if you fished Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, well I donít have to convince you that it sucked. But we still fished and we caught fish. Sometimes thatís all that matters. Weekends continue to haunt us however. As I knock this report out on Friday night as I usually do so it can be posted on Sunday, Iíve AGAIN scrubbed my scheduled Perch trip for Saturday because of the predicted 3-5 foot waves and a 80% chance of heavy rain & thunderstorms. Iíve yet to even fish for them this year! In 30 years of chartering for me, this is the very latest in the season that I have gone without running a single Perch trip yet! Iím not sure that I even I miss it though. Perch fishing out front of Ashtabula this fall has been dismal at best and everybody thatís been giving it a shot out of Ashtabula has been making the long 18 mile grueling run one way to Conneaut, OH just to fish for them. And even that has been hit or miss many a day so far!

So after writing last week that that weíve been doing much better with the smaller sized stick baits this summer, this past week made a liar out of me. After a few of my colleagues started pulling some larger fish with the larger baits along with good numbers of fish, I also jumped on the band wagon myself with pretty good results. I mixed it up with both the bigger Storm Thunder Sticks and the Long Deep Bay Rats that Iíve been dabbling with. Both worked well being fished off the big planer boards with the wire line and fished back about 330 feet or so. We also had a fairly strong Dipsy Diver bite this past week with the large jointed Storms. I guess now that the season for us is just about practically over, their going to decide to start hitting good on everything! Even the down riggers caught some nice fish for us last week! Go figure.

OK after writing what seemed like a book in last weeks report, Iíve decided to keep this one a bit shorter. Weíll see what this coming week brings once we get past this weekend. ďThe TrophyĒ comes out of the water for the winter here in two weeks now. About a month earlier than other years. All part of my plan of scaling it back some in my final years. Next weeks report/ blog will be my final one for the 2016 season. Although I will still fish the whole week after next weekend, that very last weekend will be very busy for us as we attempt to run our final trips, get everything cleaned up and winterized. Be sure to catch my final ramblings here as I try to wrap things up and give shout outs to all those that are deserving this year. Thatís about it for now. I might even have some Perch pictures as well next week as I once again have some Perch trips scheduled towards weeks end. Weíll see!

Capt. Walt
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