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Fishing Report Posted: September 04, 2016

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 04, 2016 at 13:18:14:

September and it’s Labor Day Weekend! The unofficial marking of summers end around here. It seems just like a blur since we launched the boat earlier this year. Memorial Day and The 4th of July have all come and gone and now finally Labor Day is upon us as well. “The Trophy” has only about a month to go now and year number 30 will officially be in the books. It didn’t exactly go nearly as as well as I had hoped fishing wise but go it did do indeed.

This past week was full of plenty of highs and lows as has been the whole summer season. Walleye Fishing was simply just fair. The weather which I get so sick and tired of writing about all the time and fighting in real life was well, not so fair. Monday was kick ass plain nasty when it really wasn’t supposed to be. Everybody went but everybody that did go has cancelled trips in the past for less harsh conditions at one time or another I promise you. I think the only thing that egged everyone on was the fact that it was only supposed to be one footers that whole day. Thanks again National Weather Service for yet another totally blown forecast.

Tuesday was the gem of the week I suppose and it was almost too flat! Hot and sunny as well. It all made for very slow fishing. We got what we needed that day plus a few bonus Trout but it was a real grind. Wednesday was very unsettled with lots of storms out over the lake. We cranked it way offshore on a hot tip and fishing was very good for us as long as we lasted out there. We needed 24 Walleyes and had 18 in the box before a huge pop up thunderstorm sent us scurrying for safe harbor. Always frigging something. And Thursday & Friday? Both ended up being totally lost days. Small craft flags flew for both days with a harsh northeast wind cranking all day and night right on through the period. Nobody fished. I guess my September is going to start out the way so many of our days in August went for us.

This weeks report will be a bit shorter this extended holiday weekend. Please just enjoy a few of these pictures from some of our nicer fish that we managed to capture. Although like everyone else we’re catching lots of smaller fish, we still managed to snare just enough larger fish to keep everyone excited. We’ll see what this coming week brings. I believe I even have a Perch trip or two coming up here in the next week. Yikes! I might have something completely new to boo hoo about! Lol! Happy Labor Day everyone! Enjoy and stay safe...

Capt. Walt
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