vermilion fishing report 7/18-7/20: Central, OH,
Fishing Report Posted: July 21, 2003

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Posted by Capt. Brian Selai on July 21, 2003 at 23:04:15:

Hi again folks, here is the report...
walleye fishing:well, there were fish on the inside from huron to the ford plant in scattered pockets from 20 to 42 feet, and on the south east side of the sandbar, but they hanging tight in the comfort of tons of sheephead and white bass, expect 10 to 1 on the ratio at least for walleye to sheep. We would go through a school and have 5 fish on at once several times aday and only one of them would be a walleye.
The steelhead are getting closer to the 00 line every day and 35 to the 41.5 on the northline, but some folks pulled a rainbow or two on the east side of the bar fishing for walleye. For the walleyes out on the bar, put your dipseys at: 90 to 140 on #3, 75 to 90 on a #2 and 48 to 60 on a #1, run 30 jets 120 back. Hot Spoons were the Steffey #68's in the confusion, oilcan perch, and greasy chickenwing. in the #200 and junior #68s were greasy chickenwing, cc-38, funky chicken, huckleberry, blueberry muffin. Those inside walleyes, if you are trolling run the dipseys at 60-70 on a #3, 50-60 on a #2, and 45-55 on a #1. run the 20 jets 80 to 100 baCK all with the same spoons as above.
Bass are hitting best early and late in the day in 20 foot or less off of ruggles, and some of the bass guys i talked to this weekend caught quite a few largemouth bass around the breakwall in the maddy water of the vermilion river, they were throwing cranks.
The perch have been tough, but the best perch i seen came off of lorain in 60 foot of water, about 6 miles out of lorain.. i heard reports of perch at the second sailboat bouy noth east out of vermilion, but you have to work for them.
good luck and tight lines..

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