vermilion report for 6/7-8/2003: Central, OH,
Fishing Report Posted: June 09, 2003

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Posted by Capt. Brian Selai on June 09, 2003 at 21:46:06:

hello folks,
fishing continues to be very good for this early for walleyes but the perch fishing was better near huron and lorain. The walleyes remain scattered in the water column in pockets from ruggles to past the lorain lighthouse in 20 to 43 feet of water. Set the dipseys at: 80 to 100 on a 3, 55 to 65 on a 2, and 50 to 60 on a 1; run steffey lures zoom spoon #200's and #68's in the following colors:cc-72 on gold, cc-29, cc-30, cc-36 and cc-38. Run your 20 jets 80 to 150 back with the same spoons. The perch fishing was more of a challenge in the regular 36 ft nw of the breakwall out of vermilion, but i heard that th guys that moved into shallower water caught more fish, and the guys perch jerkin out of lorain did well and the pack of boats to the west of huron did well.
good luck

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