conneaut bass: Lake Erie, OH,
Fishing Report Posted: May 11, 2003

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Posted by david brown on May 11, 2003 at 13:00:49:

Went fishing 5/10/03 out of Conneaut. Water clear and water temp 50 degress. Slow fishing at first and had to work hard to find them but ended up with 50 bass but only in select areas. No consistent depth as they came from 15-26 feet deep. Most were 2 lbers with scattered 3 and a few 4 lbers. HEED WARNING-Conneaut harbor in terrible condition as there was a point going out of harbor before you get to red/green buoy path out of harbor that was 2.0 feet that had to be passed through. Had prop nearly out of water going through narrow outlet but still chewed up new prop on something. Consider other harbor if are found of your prop or have large boat and travel by water to Conneaut.

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