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Fishing Report Posted: October 12, 2006

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Posted by Sherry on October 12, 2006 at 13:23:52:

As you can see by the pictures the water is high and muddy.

It is the color of the ground. We have 2-3 ft waves in the creek. It has been nasty like this since yesterday (Wednesday) around 12:00 noon. The weather forecast is not too promising either. We are supposed to get rain/snow showers tonight, tomorrow and Saturday. The high for Friday is 50 degrees and high of 48 degrees on Saturday. I have not had too many people fishing the creek because of how rough it is and the color is not good but if we don�t get any more rain it should clear up by this weekend.

We had a nice day yesterday for the lake. There were only 2 foot waves up till 4 PM then it got rough. Right now (Thursday) it is 5-6 feet.

Friday Cleveland is calling for 7-10 ft waves and Saturday is 5-8 ft waves. Sunday looks like the first opportunity to get on the lake. Cleveland is calling for West winds at 10-20 knots with 1-3 ft waves.

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