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Fishing Report Posted: October 06, 2006

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Posted by Sherry on October 06, 2006 at 06:51:11:

Bob Will, William Bishop, Dave Goggin and Jim Will from Pittsburgh came in with their limit of Steel head. They were out in front of Walnut Creek with their Captain. They were using Bombers and Jr. Thundersticks. The colors were Black (Bombers) and Orange (Jr. Thundersticks).

The weather has been nasty so that is all the pictures I have for this report. I has rained off an on all day Wednesday and on Thursday the creeks were running pretty good. The water was cloudy but it wasn�t real bad. There is some fish in even though I haven�t had any come in here and I didn�t see any get caught but the guys were saying that there is fish in. Most people are using power bait and egg sacs and the fly fisherperson is using wooly buggers.

Like I said the weather was nasty so no boats were out. We had 4-6 ft waves most of the time I was at work. The next nice day is possibly Saturday and Sunday the waves are to be 2 ft or less. The only report I heard was that a boater was able to go out Monday and he came in with his limit of Perch from out in 53 ft of water straight out of here.

The Walleye are a different story. I haven�t heard anything about them. No one has been able to go out deep to look for them.

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