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Fishing Report Posted: May 10, 2005

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 10, 2005 at 06:52:27:

Well it�s finally slowed down���but, it�s still good! We finally got a really nice stretch of great weather and flat seas and guess what? The fishing got tougher! But compared to past years, it really isn�t that bad. After all of April�s ridiculously easy fishing, I think we all got spoiled. We basically go through this every spring as we get into the post spawn period. This transition period finds a few Walleyes still interested in a jigging presentation while a few are turning on to worms and casting. Some Walleyes are suspended high in the water column while some are flat on the bottom. Lots of the fish just seem to be resting and just not interested in eating.

Aboard �The Trophy� we�ve still been working the 5/8 oz. purple jigs on the beaches but limits have not been automatic. We�ve been putting in full days and averaging around 20 fish or so. Trolling has not been an option because the trollers have really been struggling this past week. Most days even the best trollers are only doing single digit catches. Water clarity is remarkably good so you can�t blame that. I believe that we�re only a few days away from these fish turning back on and really starting to feed. I think when that happens, a lot of the smaller fish that we have not been seeing, will start showing up as well. Although, you can�t keep them right now, the Smallmouth Bass have been on fire! We�ve really had a lot of fun with them while fishing hard for theWalleyes. Its� all fun! I�m hearing some rumors of limit catches of Perch around Kelly�s Island and Marblehead. The water temperature off of Toledo is back to 50�. Next weeks� weather sounds great! Come on up!

Capt. Walt

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