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Fishing Report Posted: May 02, 2005

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 02, 2005 at 05:37:34:

Still great! Well, last weekend�s big gale once again did little to slow down the awesome Walleye bite that has been taking place here in the western basin all spring. The only change I�ve noticed was that the cold and snow knocked the water temperature back to the upper 40�s. Currently Toledo Harbor is reporting in at 48�. The big blows that have been coming through about every other week haven�t even muddied things up like in past years. I don�t understand what�s going on this year, but I like it!

We did not do any trolling this past week aboard �The Trophy�. The jigging bite is still as hot as it could be. I�ve been experimenting with these big ugly purple jigs the past week or so. After much insistence by some of my fellow charter captain buddies about this �new� hot jig, I had to see for myself. I have to admit that the results are uncanny. I�ve never had any better success with any other jig, as I�ve been experiencing with this guy. It is made by the Taylor Lure Co. and comes with a trailering stinger treble hook already installed. The hot size is 5/8 oz., and the real trick is NO BAIT! I�ve never work jigs without tipping them but with this jig I�m telling you it is totally unnecessary. Best technique is to just cast it out and slow hop it back to the boat. It�s even been out fishing my fire tiger colored Sonar blade baits, and anybody that has ever fished with me in the early spring knows that I�m particularly partial to that style of jigging. We�ll see if it holds up as we get into May and warmer water. Usually any kind of a jigging presentation starts to loose its effectiveness as the water warms. I�ll keep everyone posted!

The Smallmouth Bass have really turned on now. On our Friday charter we limited out on the Walleyes easily but we must have caught at least as many Smallmouth if not more just incidentally. Fishing right now is classic, �As good as it gets!�

Capt. Walt

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