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Fishing Report Posted: May 06, 2007

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 06, 2007 at 21:03:21:

"Just another day on The Trophy"! Aboard The Trophy this week we experienced the most seamless transition from awesome jig fishing to some of the most awesome night crawler and spinner fishing that I've ever witnessed. The first part of last week we still crushed the Walleyes on the leadhead jigs. By week's end, stubborn strong east winds forced us to seek shelter around the Islands and use bottom bouncers and worms. The results were spectacular. The first day I made the run to the Islands, the wind was smoking so we just worked around the lee side of Middle Bass. We didn't do too many fish but they were all monsters!

Saturday morning the winds eased slightly and we stuck our noses out in the open waters east of North Bass Island. It was truly amazing as we pulled 36 beautiful Walleyes in about 2 hrs. time! It was a good thing too. By mid day the lake was cooking again and we would have never lasted out there in the open. Again bottom bouncers and crawler harnesses were the ticket for us. As I listened to the marine radio, it was apparent that we made the right choice. The jig bite was almost non-existent with most boats doing only single digits of fish. It was like someone flipped a switch!

Water temps jumped dramatically this past week, and that�s what I attribute to the quick decline of the jigging presentation. Water temps at the Toledo lighthouse were reported at 54 degrees although we only observed surface temps at about 51 degrees. Once we get water temps around 60 degrees or better these fish will start to suspend, making it even easier for the trollers. Right now they are getting their fish too but working much harder at trying to pull them out of the mud. That is why the bottom bouncers are working so well right now.

We are down to our final 3 weeks here at Port Clinton. It looks like the last phase of my fishing here is going to be as great as all of the previous weeks. Anybody who wants to hook up with me for a western Lake Erie fishing trip is going to have to speak up quick. After Memorial Day, it's back to my home port of Ashtabula for the remainder of the year and the deep trolling out east. We still have about half a dozen open dates here for the drift trips. Give me a call, 216-387-2656.

Capt. Walt

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