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Fishing Report Posted: April 16, 2007

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 16, 2007 at 23:17:47:

A little window... if that's what you want to call it. After a miserable week of gale winds, rain and even snow, the wind backed off just enough to get our trip in Saturday. Barely. One of the weather meteorologists from Channel 8 out of Cleveland, OH summed it up a couple days ago on his evening weather summary. Statistically, this is the coldest April in 113 years!

Even this past Saturday was nothing to write home about. The marine forecast called for waves to be 2 foot or less but a couple of hours after daybreak it was more like 2 - 4 feet out of our least favorite direction, east - northeast. Temps started out at 40 degrees and by the afternoon were barely above freezing. My crew hung tough though and was rewarded with 20+ Walleyes

After being off the water for so many days, I elected just to go to my "go to" reef when things get tough, the Toussaint Reef. Surprisingly, water clarity really wasn't an issue. Our first drift of the day ended up being our most productive. Using almost all blade baits, we found a decent amount of fish holding in 10 - 11 ft. of water, just slightly off the shallowest southwest corner of the Toussaint. I was actually impressed with the action considering how lousy the conditions have been for days on end. This action however was short lived as each consecutive drift became tougher and tougher as the winds and waves picked up. By mid day it was apparent that the bite was over and after a few non productive drifts, we elected to call it a day. I went ahead and cancelled the following day�s trip as the forecast was calling for once again gale force winds and snow! Truly unbelievable!

Water temps as we were fishing were observed at 39 degrees. The forecast calls for really crappy lake conditions through the first half of the week. Sooner or later we just have to break out of this weather pattern. It has been very trying thus far for all the professionals that are out on the lake this time of years trying to do their job. I guess we will be talking about this spring for years to come. Once again, we will just have to try and wait this out. Spring will surely return one of these days.

Capt. Walt

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