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Fishing Report Posted: May 01, 2006

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 01, 2006 at 22:05:43:

Great fishing! Ah, but that pesky east, northeast wind. For most of all last week, a high pressure system just sitting northeast in Canada has kept a persistent flow of cool and rather strong wind flowing across the western basin. This made fishing a bit tougher but not impossible.

We�re still on a jig fishing program here aboard �The Trophy� and we limited out or have come very close to limiting on each of our outings. We spent a couple of days hopping around on the reefs and a couple of days fishing the beach areas near shore. The Walleyes seem to be everywhere but the slightly deeper water, the 14 � 16 ft. range, seems to be the best. The trollers seemed to struggle from what I heard on the radio but I attribute that to the very choppy lake conditions making trolling challenging to say the least. Perch fishing around Kelleys sounds absolutely awesome from what I am gathering on the radio. We continued to catch some beautiful Smallmouth Bass on most all of our trips last week as well. The Walleye limit goes from the conservative spring limit of 4 per man to the regular summer limit of 6 per man starting on May 1st! I guess we�re going to have to �work� a little bit harder each day!

I don�t know what�s going on this year but once again I have taken another cancellation for a prime Saturday. We have next Saturday, May 6th open for anyone that may be interested. With fishing as good as it is and the limit going to 6 per man, I hope someone jumps on this day. I really hope to fill this date. If anyone is interested, I can be reached as always on my mobile number 216-387-2656 any time day or night.

Well, the inevitable has happened! The price of fuel at the marina pumps has reached the disturbing cost of $3.249 per gallon this week. Regretfully, we have put into affect a surcharge of $5.00 per man to help offset some of the cost of fuel; although I am absorbing the bulk of this myself. This change will take effect immediately.

The water temperature off of Toledo is 54 degrees. Looking ahead, the weather looks very nice indeed for all of this coming week. Hopefully, a lot of you will be able to get up here and enjoy the excellent Walleye fishing that is going on this spring!

Capt. Walt

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