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Fishing Report Posted: April 18, 2006

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 18, 2006 at 07:38:33:

Great weather! Great fishing! That about sums up this past week here at the western basin of Lake Erie. We managed to run several very successful trips amongst the summer like conditions. My how I would love to see this weather hold right through all of the rest of April and May. I suspect we will still have our share of set backs before summer sets in for good though.

If you were lucky enough to get out last week, you probably already know how good it truly was. All of the reefs were red hot along with the entire beach from Davis Bessie and west clear to Toledo. Reports from Maumee Bay in Toledo sounded awesome as well. Most fish being caught are from the extremely successful hatch three years ago. These fish range from 16 to about 21 inches in size. No real wall hangers for most drifters yet, but tons and tons of action. These are all considered grade A, prime number one eating size Walleyes and are exactly what the Canadian gill netters are after. With the incredible population in the lake right now, I shutter to think what the Canadian commercial gill net fleet is doing to these young fish. It is truly a shame that this is still permitted to happen on the Canadian side of the lake.

Most everyone is still jigging. Most everything is working, Chartreuse and Purple seem to be the hot colors. The trollers are starting to do their thing also as a few post spawn females are starting to turn on. Most of the better trollers are only doing low single digits of fish from what I��m hearing but the size is better. I suppose another week or so and we��ll start to mix it up a bit ourselves aboard ��The Trophy�� although we are having so much fun catching fish drifting in the shallows with the light tackle. I am in no big hurry! I heard quite a few good reports of good sized Yellow Perch being caught towards Marblehead and Kelley��s Island. I didn��t get very many particulars on this however.

Once again we have a couple of open dates this week if anyone is looking, along with a rare open Saturday this coming week, Saturday, April 22 thanks to a last minute cancellation. I would really like to fill this day if possible as it is the most popular day that most guys want. If interested, please give me a call at 216-387-2656. Water temps this past weekend off of Toledo Harbor were listed at 48 degrees and I saw lots of upper 50��s for surface temperature on my electronics. The disturbing trend at local stations caught up with us on the waterfront with prices soaring to an obscene $3.19 ��/10 per gallon. This so far is the only black eye to this very young fishing season. The weather looks good again for this coming week.

Capt. Walt

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