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Fishing Report Posted: April 11, 2006

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 11, 2006 at 06:12:56:

This week brought typical early spring weather and we had it all last week. Monday and Tuesday had gale warnings. Wednesday and Thursday were nice, and Friday started out nice around 70 degrees, and ended up in the 40�s. Only in Ohio! The wind came in with a vengeance Friday afternoon and ripped right through Saturday. After a lengthy wait, we sent our group packing Saturday afternoon, and just called it a wash.

Sunday greeted us with calm seas but a very muddy lake. Surprisingly most everybody was catching fish. Not fast but not bad either. We started our day on the Toussaint Reef without so much as a touch. After about 45 minutes, I moved off the S.W. corner into 14 ft. of water and we started catching Walleyes. With the muddy water, we stuck to our Fire Tiger � oz. Heddon Sonars.

In the next several hours we proceeded to box about 8 nice eating size Walleyes. The pace however just wasn�t fast enough. After receiving a positive report from the beach area west of K Can, we decided to burn the fuel and make the run. Of course by the time we got there the �bite� had slowed way down for the guys there. After a series of little moves, we finally got on some fish in 12 ft. of water. We went on to catch 16 or 17 more Walleyes on this second spot. It was a long day and we did not get all that we needed for the boat but we ended up quite respectable considering the weather we were coming off of and the discolored water clarity.

This coming week looks very nice indeed weather wise. If anyone is looking for a quick trip, we are open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I can be reached at 1-216-387-2656 for a trip or whatever reason. The water temperature in the western basin was reported at 44 degrees. I did not see much difference in the surface temperature either. Fuel at the marina pumps continued to hold at a ridiculous $3.04 9/10 a gallon. Things should really take off with the nice weather moving in this week. Stay tuned......

Capt. Walt

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