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Fishing Report Posted: April 04, 2006

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 04, 2006 at 06:28:29:

Hey, we�re back in the water! The boat went in the water for the season on March 27th, and we�ve already got several trips under our belt. For the most part fishing was pretty good.

Our first trip on Friday was greeted by warm temperatures but an incredible stiff south wind. We started out with some blade baits in 12 ft. of water on the east side of Camp Perry�s range, and promptly went on to put the first handful of Walleyes of the season in the box. As the winds escalated, we switched off to the heavier 5/8 oz. buck tail styled lead head jigs. Just like last spring, purple seemed to be the ticket. By the time the day was over we landed a couple dozen nice eating size Walleyes along with a real nice early season Smallmouth Bass, and of all things a bunch of White Bass and a Sheephead which I have never seen before this early on in the season. I am not sure what that all means but action is action and it was all fun. Saturday was cooler with winds dead out of the west. We ended up again with 24 Walleyes for the day. No real big fish but again great eating size. Most fish were caught a bit shallower with 10ft. being our best. Jigs again worked well. Sunday was chilly with a stiff N.E. wind. Fishing was much slower with the cold front and we ended up in much deeper water, almost 20 ft. to get the job done. Again we ended up in the low 20�s for numbers of Walleyes. Not bad for this early in the season. Didn�t hear much from the trollers, although I saw guys trying. A bit early for that I think.

The water clarity was good, maybe too good. That will probably all change this week as the National Weather Service is calling for pretty heavy weather with gale warnings up for Monday night and Tuesday. This will be the first test of this early season. Most of you will remember how good the fishing was last spring that even the big blows that came through did little to slow the action down after we were able to get back on the water. We�ll just have to wait and see. Water temps are officially about 38 degrees although I saw surface temps on my electronics as high as 42 degrees.

New this year I am going to post weekly fuel rates for gasoline bought waterfront at the marina pumps where we dock. This week prices at the marina pumps for mid grade 89 octane gasoline held steady at $3.04 9/10 a gallon. Horrible is the only way to describe that whole situation. In closing I would like to remind everyone that we have quite a few open dates still available for our spring season here in Port Clinton. Anyone interested can reach me directly on my mobile number day or night at 1-216-387-2656.

Capt. Walt

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