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Fishing Report Posted: September 28, 2014

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 28, 2014 at 12:24:31:

Just a Perch jerking machine now! Well this was the first week since the boat went in the water way back this spring in March where “The Trophy” did not have even a single Walleye charter scheduled. We did manage to squeeze a couple of Perch charters in however and still managed to pay the light bill! Lol! And just as I predicted in closing in my last weeks report, this past weeks weather was just as delightful as it could be once we got past Monday which was unfishable. But since then it’s been nothing but light breezes and wall to wall sunshine and temps in the 70’s! I just have to shake my head at my luck. I would have loved to have had weather like this the last couple weeks that I ran my final Walleye trips.

The blow that I Perched in last Saturday and Sunday and especially Monday where it really blew did not do our Perch fishing any favors. The first couple of days back on the water for most that went Perching was very slow and just about everybody really struggled to put any great numbers in the fish box. It’s been my experience over the many years that I've fished for Perch is that it usually takes about three days for things to return to normal and the fish to really fire back up. And this blow was a textbook example of that and demonstrated that fact again. After a slow rebound for most everyone early on in the week, by Thursday it was like somebody flipped a light switch and most went from struggling to easily limiting out. Though I had no trips myself, as I threatened to do so also in last weeks report, I went fishing for myself on Thursday & Friday aboard my dock partner's boat as a guest along with some other fellow captains. And we just KILLED the Perch and were the first boat back to the marina each morning. We had 150 the first day and 180 the second day. Very nice! And after all the fish got divied up I still got a nice load for my freezer to enjoy this coming winter when the snow starts to fly! Thank you Capt. Ray!

Saturday and Sunday of this weekend, it was back to work for me aboard “The Trophy” showing others once again a good time at this fall Perch fishing thing that we do. And we did not disappoint nor did the cooperative Perch let us down either! Saturday and Sunday both were very fast and furious with a generous amount of the fish being true Jumbo Perch. Twelve's, thirteen's and even fourteen inchers were very plentiful! We limited out Saturday with a 150 Perch and Sunday where we needed 180 fish, we easily got those as well. There was never a dull moment either both days as we were inundated with junk fish Sheephead, White Perch and White Bass as well. If you didn't get a bite within a minute or so at any given point of those two days, rest assured you had no bait left! It was just non stop action for everyone for as long as we were anchored up. Doubles and triples were quite common. Sometimes all good ones. Sometimes all junk. Sometimes one good one and two junk or vice versa. We went through lots of bait! LOL!

This coming week’s weather forecast continues to be as optimistic as any forecast that I have seen this entire fishing season. No cold fronts. Wall to wall sunshine for all week long and most importantly of all, no big winds! And unlike last weeks schedule where I didn't have much going on, this coming week looks to be pretty busy for me aboard “The Trophy” with a nice run of Perch charters scheduled on the books. I guess this will be my last big run at it for this year as we get ready to pull the boat out for the winter here in about two weeks. A bit earlier then in other years but my past experience has almost always been that it really doesn’t pay for me to stay in the water much longer then mid October. Speaking of which, we flip the page on the calendar here once again one final time in this fishing season of 2014 to October in a couple of days. Sad to see in some ways yet exciting in many other ways for me to see the season finally come to an end. I've been very dedicated to my work here for the last seven months. I am looking forward to some time off now with my family and to be able to do some of the normal things that most people do and that many take for granted. BUT, it’s not over with quite yet! Even with my run of Perch trips coming up, I still have a handful of open dates available before we pull the boat. So if anybody is interested in an end of the season fishing trip, I can hook you up. It will have to be a Perch trip though now. The Walleye gear is coming off the boat this week I've decided! That chapter for me for this year is now over with. So let’s go jerk some Perch!

Capt. Walt

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