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Fishing Report Posted: September 07, 2014

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 07, 2014 at 04:31:02:

Still a fair week but working really hard at it now! This holiday shortened fishing week seen plenty of ups and downs for us but once again the fishing for the Walleyes was pretty good if you got out there and worked for them. I mentioned in last weeks fishing report that I couldnít help but feel that things are really changing out there now all of a sudden. And after this past week, there is no doubt in my mind that it has. There is a awful lot of dead water out there now where you go long stretches without moving a rod. Even the junk fish situation seems to be easing drastically. And then you hit a little pocket and most all the rods all go off at the same time with Walleyes! Then back to nothing. Very strange. Of coarse I would mark the little spots up where we do catch fish right away on my chart plotter. Then if the waves would allow, I would re-run those spots. Sometimes it would produce a few more fish. Sometimes it wouldnít and then we would have to go looking again.

The start of the week after Labor Day Monday was not a pretty one however. Tuesday was only ďsupposedĒ to be 2 to 4 footers. We loaded up and took off in the dark as we do every morning. Well, it may have been 2-4ís right at the gap of the break wall but with the wind really humming out of the west, southwest it didnít take long for us to be in a very heavy sea. I pushed on constantly checking with my guests if they were still comfortable with going and everyone onboard seemed game but by the time we arrived at the fishing grounds I had two ladies hanging over the sides suddenly quite sea sick. Without even wetting a line, I just spun it around and just came back. Chalk another one up in the lost column.

Mid week Wed. & Thur. were the gems of the week. Simply picture perfect! Not too hot, a light breeze and relatively flat seas. And I really needed conditions like that for my two day trip with some of my most elderly guests that I get. Sometimes all the stars do align up and we got two awesome days for my four senior fisherman. For their efforts they took home 48 Walleyes for two days Thank God I could spin around on those small pockets of fish once we hit some because thatís what it took to get them. Friday was back to rough out of the south but we still managed to max out along with a bonus Steelhead. Saturday was back to total crap again. It was just nice enough when we left for us to run out 12 miles and start getting set up when we got hit by a big wind shift and a wall of wind that dropped temperatures considerably and almost instantly kicked the lake up to 4 to 6 footers. Under horrible squalls of wind driven rain and some serious white caps I once again pulled the plug and reluctantly headed back to port. Boy Iím getting pretty sick of making these long runs out there just to turn around and come right back. We fished a total of about a whole 5 minutes but we did catch A Walleye! A, as in one! Lol!

So another week is in the books for us. Unbelievably I have my first Perch trip of the year next weekend already and that will really give me the feeling that this summer is all but over with. I still have a mix of Walleye trips and Perch trips over the next few weeks before I finish up with all Perch though. OK, I never put a lot of faith in the long range forecasts but the latter part of next week looks quite troublesome already again with rain coming and temperatures struggling to get into the low 60ís. That usually spells big northerly winds. Weíll just have to see. Sometime this coming week Iím going to load up all of my Perch gear on the boat anyway so if it gets too rough to go way offshore, we always have that option to fall back on as well. And finally, we have bumped our departure time back some and are now departing the dock at 5:30am. Itís just staying dark now too long with each passing day. Welcome to fall I guess. Stay tuned...

Capt. Walt

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