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Fishing Report Posted: August 17, 2014

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 17, 2014 at 12:29:44:

Is this REALLY August? REALLY? What a lousy, cold week in what should be the hottest month of the whole year. Last week I made mention that there was a cool down coming according to the forecast. Wow, did we get one. I also mentioned that they however were not calling for a lot of wind associated with the cooler weather. Well, they weren't a couple days out before the bomb dropped on us but the marine forecast sure changed in a hurry as the cool down approached. They started bumping the wave forecasts up every time I would check the marine forecast. What on Sunday looked like 1 to 3 footers for all week long ended up being 4 to 6 footers plus predicted by mid week resulting in multiple days lost again where it was just too rough to go. No matter who you were. No matter how big your boat is. Just too much.

The week before we had such a delightful week. One of just a few weeks this summer where we didnít have any big cold fronts and storms and wind to contend with. This past week it was back to same ole, same ole though. People once again walking around in long pants, hooded sweat shirts and jackets. Unbelievable. Wednesday and Thursday were the very worst with November like looking skies and gusty cold winds blowing hard all day long. Lake Erie was one churning frothy mess. Earlier in the week, Monday and Tuesday along with Friday right before and after the peak of the cold front was nothing to write home about either. It was chilly on the lake, especially in the mornings and rather choppy as well. Fishable but not necessarily the very nicest. Probably 2 to 4 footers. Just not all that comfortable to fish in. But you canít cancel all your trips. Itís not good for the guys that for a lot of them waited all year long for their big day and certainly not good for my business's bottom line. So you suck it up and just go when you can.

Yet one thing remained fortunately the same ole, same ole as well. And that was that just like it has all summer long, cold front after cold front, big winds after big wind, nothing much changes in the fishing department. We get back out there and itís like nothing ever happened. Lots and lots of big Walleyes eagerly waiting to smack our lures the minute we start up again. Simply amazing. This past Friday proved that once again. After loosing back to back days because of ferocious high winds and waves we got back out there on a still rather choppy lake and easily knocked out 30 nice Walleyes in a matter of just a few hours. Nothing had changed at all. In fact, even the lead lengths that I use on my board lines and Dipsey rods each day have been the same exact counts for over a month now. We just pound our way out there, get the gear in the water and start harvesting Walleyes. Big, plump world class Walleyes. Fish that Ashtabula has now become famous for!

So we are well past mid month now already. Many of the kids are back to school already. The summer that never really was is quickly fading away. The weeks and months just scream by as fall looms around the corner now. In some ways I am happy to see it all winding down yet like everyone else, sad to see the warmest months of the year all but over with now even if they weren't all that warm this year. We may just get one last blast of some real heat after all though. Just like last week where at this point I was talking about a impending cool down, now the talk for this coming week is of possibly the warmest weather of the summer with a real chance of cracking the 90 degree mark, which strangely we have not done this whole summer. Iíll have to see it to believe it myself. Again, not much talk about any high winds of any kind either for this coming week but we all know how quickly those forecasts can change around here. One thing I think we can count on though. The Walleyes aren't going anywhere any time soon and if we can get out there to them, the amazing Walleye fishing should continue in this truly odd weather year. Tight lines...

Capt. Walt

* It is imperative to be setting lines with the very first hint of daylight. And with that said, I would like to have all of my upcoming trips that might be reading this report to take note and PLEASE be at the dock between 4:30 and 5:00am at the VERY latest. Fishing is the very best the first few hours of daylight and we DO NOT want to miss out on that opportunity! Also, please remember that there are no fishing license sales at the marina and that those must be secured else where ahead of time. Any questions, call me 216-387-2656

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