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Fishing Report Posted: June 08, 2014

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on June 08, 2014 at 12:43:17:

A very solid week. If you judged my production this past week like they judge some of the events in the Olympics by throwing out the highest score and the lowest score and then averaging out the rest of the scores, well you would still come up with a very solid performance. And thatís about how about how it went for us aboard ďThe TrophyĒ this past week. We had one day where we knocked out limits in a little less then three hours. And then we had one day under a very rough lake condition where we really struggled just to get into the teens. But every other day was just a nice steady productive pick resulting in very full racks of world class big beautiful Walleyes by the end of the day. A very solid performance.

We saw plenty of 8 to 11 pound fish also this past week. We had one trip where we had two 11 pounders in one day! Even around here that doesnít happen everyday! Fishing pressure has been very lite all of the days that Iíve been out there so far also and after the last few weeks that I was up at Port Clinton, well that has been pretty easy to take as well. The only thing that resembled the fishing that I fished thru last month out at the western basin is the fact that the over abundance of those damn pesky little White Bass seem to stretch all the way down the lake. I just canít seem to get away from them no mater how hard I try. They are everywhere and just next to impossible to keep off our lines. Just a lot of extra work for me. Lots and lots of sorting. Catch 10 little White Bass, then catch a 10 pounder. I guess itís worth it.... Sigh. Otherwise we are using the same Tru Trip rigs, the same little Scorpion Spoons and many days the same exact line counts letting the line out that we were using out at the western basin. Itís nice to be able to run back from so far and go fishing here without having to re-tool!

Steelhead Trout seem to be very elusive thus far back home here where lots of times you just cant get away from them here in the central basin. In the two weeks that I have been back and fishing out of Ashtabula, we have only hooked up with two of them. The one we landed the first week I was back and then this past week we had one other one hooked up and just shy of net range but it made some frantic darting moves as I was holding the net over it and about ready to net it and just like that it was gone. I canít even speculate that they are just further off shore because the one real rough day that we had with the stiff winds out of the north, I pulled lines and ran out 10 miles to make a long slide south and just ride out the big water. I told the guys that I thought we might get into some Trout out there but the one that we hooked and lost that day was pretty close to the harbor towards the end of our slide. Interestingly enough though, we did capture a few Walleyes that far out that day in 72 foot of water. The Walleyes are starting to filter in from all different directions now Iím guessing.

So in last weeks report I threw out a open date that I was looking to fill for next Sunday. It has since been taken. Thank you for all the phone calls. Alright, the weather last week was picture perfect minus that one rough day. This upcoming week looks to be equally tranquil. In all of the years of my chartering that I have done, Iíve found June to be traditionally the calmest month up here on the big lake. Many times almost too calm with glass like conditions, bringing out the bugs and shutting down the Walleye bite as the sun gets higher. I guess Iíll take the bugs and hot flat lake over the very rough, but sometimes I wonder. So thatís it for our second week back. Thus far itís been real good fishing, mostly good weather, no real bad bug days (yet) and the only downer has been those pesky little White Bass that have been driving me crazy. But hey, if it weren't for them right now, what else would I have to complain about? Stay tuned...

Capt. Walt

* It is imperative to be setting lines with the very first hint of daylight. And with that said, I would like to have all of my upcoming trips that might be reading this report to take note and PLEASE be at the dock between 4:30 and 5:00am at the VERY latest. Fishing is the very best the first few hours of daylight and we DO NOT want to miss out on that opportunity! Also, please remember that there are no fishing license sales at the marina and that those must be secured else where ahead of time. Any questions, call me 216-387-2656.

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